You desire to adore your body, be free from bloating & have loads of energy

yet you’re still attempting to follow that meal plan that makes you gag

and sit in a shame spiral as you dip another cheeky nug in tommy sauce 🍟

while wondering why your tummy is rock hard & why you’re so hungry all the damn time

it’s not you it’s that cooked diet you’re trying to follow


  • Your mouth-watering meal prep routine only takes 1-2 hours per week, busy schedule & time poor who?!

  • you’re overflowing with delicious meal ideas that take less than 30 mins to make & are as cheap as chips

  • you feel in control around food, your Uber eats chinese & dumplings or ben & jerrys choc chip is out of choice not need

  • you feel fuller for longer, more satisfied & energetic after eating

  • gone are the days of unbuttoning your jeans at dinner & feeling sluggish after lunch, your digestion is smooooth 

  • you finally start seeing that muscle definition from all the hard work you put in in the gym because your diet is effective

Hi I’m Rylie

& I when I started out on my fitness journey I was following a gag-worthy meal plan 🤢

every second meal I found myself constantly pressing the refresh button just to be bombarded with another meal that was dry as cardboard

So I said f*ck this & started tracking my calories so at least I could eat what I wanted right??

That quickly turned into eyes 👀 being glued to My Fitness Pal, toggling every gram to hit my macros perfectly, carrying my scales with me everywhere

Yes I got my dream body this way, she was toned, lost the chub & grew a peachy bootay 🍑

But what the fitfluencers don’t share is its EXHAUSTING AF

I wanted to be able to still adore the body I was in but also enjoy a cocktail in the sun or BBQ & platter with my family 🍓

So we tossed the revolting meal plan & the draining tracking instead opting for a wholefoods based balanced diet

Nourishing myself with high quality foods, while still allowing for my non-negotiable nighttime choccy bar 🍫

& thats where the nutrition audit was born, to give you the tools to find food freedom 🫶🏻


  • take pictures & log your food for 7 days (this literally takes 30 secs)

  • you get a video response with all the juicy feedback & ideas on how to elevate your diet

  • a PDF action plan with a 3 day sample meal plan for seamless integration

  • 3 simple & achievable nutrition mini goals to start seeing results straight away

  • 3 days messaging access for anything you need more support on

  • ^^ all completely personalized to you, your current eating habits & foods you enjoy



  • you can’t possibly face another chicken & rice meal but where the F are you going to find time to cook every day?

  • the eyes are drooping at 3pm & man would you love a lil brownie from the bakery to keep you going

  • after every meal you’re as slow as a slug & as bloated as a balloon

  • you’re totally confused about macros, am I eating enough protein? should my carbs be lower? I don’t want to give up pasta and WTF is micros?

  • you’ve tried that calorie target thing but you’re always side-eyeing a cupcake cause you’re bloody ravenous

This isn’t just a review of your food,

this is a DEEP review of your overall health & lifestyle.

A few examples of the intake questions ↓

  • What is your digestion like? Do you experience any bloating?
  • How are your bowel movements?
  • What are your energy levels like during the day?
  • Do you have any food intolerances/allergies you are aware of?
  • Tell me a bit about your life, what you do day today, your habits etc. And anything that might influence your eating habits & ability to prepare food


The reason I created the nutrition audit is because I found typical nutrition guidance to be boring, restrictive & not sustainable.

I want to be able to go out for dinner with the girls, have an arvo drink in the sun on a warm day, enjoy a BBQ with the fam

And to be able to enjoy those things while still knowing how to nourish yourself will beat any meal plan or calorie tracking IMO

Building sustainable habits around food & strong relationship with your diet is the ONLY way you can make this work long term

A nutrition audit will help you with that.


Yes! Thats the beauty of this nutrition audit, because it works with what you already eat we can take into consideration that you may be preparing food for other people or eating with others and we can work together on how to make your nutrition work for you in these circumstances

After purchase we will discuss a date that suits you best, however if you do feel busy its often the best time to do it as if you can stick to the plan under pressure then its going to be easy when things are slow!

its literally as simple as take a photo of your meal and write a few words around whats in the meal, its all done in a user friendly app and literally takes no more than 30 secs for 7 days

Want more than just one-off nutrition coaching? Maybe you need a training program or would like to work on your mindset? Other online coaching options here

Please note: Rylie is a qualified nutritionist & can assist with general improvement around nutrition habits. If you have any medical issues you would like to heal through food please reach out to a registered dietician.