Bestie, you’re only putting in 20% of the work & expecting to get 100% of the results… now that you’re consistent in the gym, nutrition is the KEY to dropping body fat & toning up



This program will help you drop 5kgs of body fat while toning up by teaching you how to eat through my flexible fuel formula to become the strongest, fittest & hottest version of you

You can’t out train a bad diet & if you are putting in all the work in the gym you NEED to be taking a look at your nutrition or you are doing yourself a massive disservice 🥵

  • Shred & Flex Nutrition is for the girlies who have mastered consistency in the gym and who don’t just want to be staring at the same body in the mirror but who want to be lean, toned & defined

  • You are someone who has already gone from nervous to confident in the gym but desires more knowledge, flexibility & accountability around what you eat

  • You desire to have your dream body while still being flexible with your diet & enjoying the good things in life

  • The gym has become a massive part of your life now but you want it to show on the outside, building your dream body

  • You love & appreciate your body but you desire more for it, you want that snatched waist & perky glutes

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You may currently be here 👇🏼

🥵 You’re putting in so much work in the gym, hitting new PBs weekly yet you know your diet is really letting you down

🥵 You have tried calorie counting, fasting, cutting out carbs yet they are so hard to stick to & you see no change at all

🥵 You are so confused about what to do next, you thought you knew how to “eat healthy” yet there is so much conflicting information out there

🥵 You want to make a change to what you eat but you just get lazy, lose motivation & procrastinate

Bestie, with my efficient & tasty methods you will know exactly how to drop body fat & tone up effortlessly

🫦 Imagine being able to create quick drool-worthy meals that take less time than Uber Eats delivery & get you toned

🫦 Imagine being able to have a flexible fuel formula which can be used to eat a nutrient-dense meal no matter if you’re cooking food at home or eating out

🫦 Imagine being able to go from lost & lazy to feeling HOT & lean

This is why I created Shred & Flex Nutrition

“This program showed me there is more to a healthier life than just working out. This program taught me how to identify and strengthen areas that iv hadn’t thought about before & made it so easy to understand. Such as nutrition and how important it is to eat a variety of foods to increase my energy and keep it consistent. Mindset was such a great aspect to cover as well. I loved the support as well. If I had questions you answered them and always provide a great perspective without making me feel silly.”

– Maddy C

Bestie, there is a reason why you have low motivation, why you procrastinate and have cravings.

That’s why you need so much more than a meal plan or a new diet to follow.

You need to understand and learn why these things happen so we can get to the root cause & kick them to the curb once and for all.

This will be the last nutrition help you need because I will teach you everything you need to know about how to eat for any goal for the rest of your life.

Okay, so how this works 👇🏼

Step 1 – we get a baseline of where you are at, what’s holding you back & where you want to be

Step 2 – we take a look at your life holistically to get to the root cause of why you can’t stay consistent & always give up

Step 3 – we create a plan that amplifies your motivation, flexes with your life & ultimately lets you shred body fat & tone up effortlessly

AND just by joining you’re going to get this bonus for FREE!

Faster than Fast Food: Meal Planner & Shopping List Template that Beats Uber Eats Every Time (valued at $129)

I know, insane right, BUT that’s because I know you are just craving to improve your diet but you’re a busy gal & time-poor, so it just makes sense that I help you in this way!

And TBH; if you’re not already like Rylie, IM IN!

Let me show you what I’ve helped my clients with in the past and the results that came from my flexible fuel formula



Speed up your metabolism to burn MORE calories making fat loss & toning up easier and more efficient


A balanced intake of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to support overall health, enhance energy levels, and optimize body function for better fitness results.


A high protein diet to support muscle repair and growth and also help in feeling fuller longer, aiding in natural weight control and toning up.


Learn to maintain high motivation levels even on your lowest days for consistent progress, helping you stay on track towards your fat loss and toning goals.


Mastering the art of indulgence without overdoing it allows you to enjoy your favorite treats without derailing your progress, maintaining a sustainable and enjoyable diet.


Understanding the root causes of cravings and how to effectively manage them to help prevent overeating and maintain consistency, crucial for achieving and maintaining a toned physique.

AND (I know, I’m the gift that keeps on giving).. If you jump in in the next 7 days you’ll receive 30% off the weekly investment!!


  • Flexible Fuel Formula
  • Meal logging
  • 1:1 Coaching via Messaging & Checks in

don’t pay $50 per week

For ONLY $35 per week

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AND because I am so deeply sure you will get a result with my methods, there is a..


If you follow the program I design for you for the 12 weeks & you see no change in fat loss, muscle tone, strength, energy levels or mood then I will FULLY REFUND you, no questions asked.

Okay lets recap

for only $35 per week you get:

🍓 Nutrition Guidance
📝 Meal Logging
🚨 Flexible Fuel Formula
🔓 1:1 Check ins
📲 Direct messaging access
💥 How to boost your metabolism
🌶 How to hit all your macro & micro nutrient needs
🏋🏻‍♀️ Protein Power Play
❤️‍🔥 How to amplify your motivation even when you can’t be F’d
🍫 How to eat chocolate & chips while still losing body fat
🤯 Why you get cravings & how to stop them
⏰ Faster than Fast Food: Meal Planner & Shopping List Template that Beats Uber Eats Every Time

But only if you sign up before end of April

The process from here…

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