Do you ever catch yourself thinking…

🧠 Oh she’s so lucky she likes the gym
🧠 Oh she’s can wake up early so easily
🧠 Oh she like healthy food so it’s easy for her 

Hate to break it to you
But that’s just projecting your own limited beliefs onto some else 

That girl felt the same resistance to getting out of a cozy bed when it was cold
She felt the same resistance to finding time to prioritize eating nutrient-dense food
She felt the same resistance to continue scrolling and actually getting to sleep at a decent time 

But the difference is
She didn’t let that resistance stop her from prioritizing her health 

You aren’t unique in the resistance you feel to doing things that propel you toward your goals 

She took action & you haven’t, that’s it. 

This is what we are covering in motivation babe,
start creating momentum to take action, instead of waiting for motivation that’s so fucking unreliable 

You are not unique in your struggles,
I guarantee you every other woman has felt the same thing,
that’s why I’m creating this safe space to share with others,
and move forward together 

This is for you if…

  • You stay up late clicking play next on Netflix & then snooze your alarm for the gym in the morning because you’re exhausted

  • You open the fridge to make something for dinner & the shelves are bare, oop forgot to do a food shop

  • When life ramps up & gets hectic, training & healthy eating falls off the face of the earth

  • You’ve never fully completed a training program, you always lose motivation at some point & give up


Motivated Babe 💜

If you’re ready to change the way you view and feel about motivation
To let it no longer dictate your adherence to your training and nutrition

This is for you.

Because I’ve been you
& I’m going to be teaching you how I got to a place where I have full fucking self-discipline and just do without relying on motivation

The vibe
8-week investment
for a lifetime of smashing your goals 

Imagine feeling like…

  • Training is a part of your day just like brushing your teeth is

  • You feel in control around food, you no longer need to eat the whole block of chocolate or tub of ice cream 

  • You can easily stop scrolling at night and get to bed before 9pm

  • This is the program that finally makes everything click, that lifestyle change is here to stay

What’s included?

  • 8 week group program

  • 2x 4 week training phases – learn to lift weights & get strong

  • Nutritional support to create healthy eating habits

  • Daily anchors to create momentum

  • Video modules to close the knowledge gaps with workbooks for fast integration

  • Group chat filled with your own hype girls for deeper accountability & safe space to share

  • START DATE: 3rd Oct 2022

Early Bird Price: (full price will be £333)

£222 pay in full

2x monthly payments of £111

I have more questions, how can I contact you?


I have more questions, how can I contact you?