Master Your Form Course

Master Your Form is the form cue video course that shows you how to perform and execute exercises to target your glutes, it will give you the confidence to step into that weights area & start lifting heavy to see better results.



This is for you if…

  • Just got your gym membership and aren’t super confident in what you’re doing

  • Paranoid about doing the wrong thing & feel people are watching you

  • Have fear around stepping into the weights section & completely avoid that area

  • Planning your workout then getting paralysed by fear and only staying on the treadmill 

  • Nervous before going to the gym & make excuses for yourself not to go 

  • Feeling like you need to stick to one corner of the gym & don’t venture anywhere else, especially the squat rack


Master Your Form Course

Finally feel confident enough to step inside the weights area, and start lifting weights.

You no longer care what others are thinking about you and realize no one actually is watching.

You start seeing gains and results, the gym becomes something you look forward to, a hobby & fun part of your day. Walking on the treadmill is a thing of the past & you complete your full workout with confidence.


What’s included?

  • 10 form cue videos with in-depth explanations on how to set up and execute the exercises

  • Bonus video on how to set up & use the squat rack including how to fail a squat safely.

  • Exercises for full body with lower body exercises focused on how to make more glute bias to grow your booty.

  • Lifetime access


I have more questions, how can I contact you?


I have more questions, how can I contact you?