Pre-loaded Barbell to 100kg hip thrust to grow bigger glutes

Fear of the squat rack to safely failing reps to build more muscle


The Form Queen 👑


10 potent videos designed to improve your form & teach you to lift with confidence to accelerate building muscle & seeing results

BONUS: 2 FREE form assessment – send me your form videos after implementing the form tip & I will give you personalised feedback

Imagine feeling like…

  • You walk into the weights area with unshakable confidence & do the exercises you planned without a second thought

  • You start actually building muscle and seeing the changes you have wanted for so long in your body

  • You feel strong & embodied both in & out of the gym

  • You are so in tune with your form, you know what works for you

What’s included?

  • Hip Thrusts

  • Barbell Back Squat + squat rack demo

  • Romanian Deadlift (RDL)

  • Bulgarian Split Squat

  • Step Ups

  • Glute Bias Back Extension

  • Cable Kickback for Glute Med (booty shelf)

  • Shoulder Press

  • Bent Over Row

  • Lat Pulldown

I have more questions, how can I contact you?


I have more questions, how can I contact you?