Are you ready to take the first step towards a healthier, fitter you?

Having a training plan at your fingertips, you can stroll into that gym with your head held high, knowing exactly what you’re doing. No more wandering around like a lost soul; it’s time to own each and every workout. As you consistently tick off those workouts, that sense of satisfaction fuels your motivation, it’s the tangible proof of your progress, and it’s what keeps you coming back for more.

Take a moment and let your imagination run wild…

  • Picture feeling unshakably confident in your skin, absolutely in love with the body you’ve sculpted, and proud of yourself

  • Feel the anticipation building up as the gym becomes your daily highlight, a place you genuinely can’t wait to hit up, day after day.

  • You are relentless with consistency & every workout leaves you feeling fantastic

  • Visualize confidently walking into the gym, armed with a training plan, you radiate “she’s got this” energy

  • Envision a life where personal bests are your weekly norm, lifting weights that once seemed unreachable and basking in your newfound strength.

Need a little extra push?

Get your daily workout reminders sent straight to your phone for that extra dose of accountability!

Maybe you need a bit more motivation?

Keep tabs on your weights and reps each week, and you’ll consistently break personal records. Plus, it’s your concrete proof that your hard work is indeed paying off, making you stronger week by week.

Still figuring out the right groove for your routine?

With an in-app calendar, synced with your Google/Apple Calendar, makes scheduling your workouts in advance a breeze, ensuring they seamlessly fit into your week.

Busy gym & cant get the machine you need?

No worries! The substitute feature offers exercise alternatives, so you never have an excuse to skip. No more waiting for machines or skipping exercises when your go-to equipment is being used!

Feel like you’re putting in the hard work in the gym but not seeing results?

Well, it’s high time you get on board with our fitness app & start tracking your workouts!

Our brains tend to opt for the path of least resistance. They’re wired to lean towards the lighter weights and fewer reps, leaving a mountain of potential progress on the table.

But there’s a better way! Start witnessing real, tangible progress by tracking your weights and reps within our app. You’ll have your workout game dialed in, knowing precisely which weight to grab and how many reps to conquer.

Say hello to that toned body you’ve been craving! 💪💥

This is for you if…

  • Struggling to find that unwavering motivation for your gym routine?

  • Feeling a bit lost once you step into the gym, unsure about the right exercises to sculpt your dream body?

  • Sometimes you end up simply winging it, going with the flow and whatever machines happen to be vacant.

  • And when it comes to your upper body, you might be craving for that extra bit of strength and power.

Not tracking your workouts? Let me break it down for you—this is CRAZY important.

Let’s dive into a client’s journey. Before she hopped on board with my training app, her routine was a wild TikTok hunt for new workouts. The catch? She hardly ever followed them because gym equipment was forever busy, and she wasn’t sure how to swap exercises. Every week, the same weights and an overwhelming feeling of ZERO progress.

Then, she embraced the app. Initially, she thought she was limited to 30kg for RDLs.

Fast forward just 10 weeks with the app, and the story takes a dramatic twist. She’s been consistently increasing her weights, now breezing past the 65kgs mark, and guess what? She’s deadlifting more than her own body weight!

Just imagine the strides you’re missing out on, the sweat and effort, all left unaccounted for by not keeping tabs on your workouts. 🏋️‍♀️📈💪


For the gal who has a busy schedule but still wants to be strong & hot

3 day training split – full body, upper & lower

$14 fortnightly


For the gal who wants to seriously build a more toned body with an hourglass shape

4 day training split with an optional 5th day

$14 fortnightly


If you’re just starting your fitness journey, I’d suggest kicking off with the “Strong, Hot & Busy” programs. While it caters to beginners and provides exercise demos and descriptions, it’s important to note that you should be familiar with your gym’s layout and equipment.

For those with a bit more experience and confidence in essential movement patterns, the “Hourglass & Glutes” program might be right up your alley.

This is a one-size-fits-all program. If you’re looking for a more personalized approach, you can explore 1:1 coaching options here.

Currently, the app offers gym-based programs. But if you’re keen on a home workout plan, send Rylie a message, and she might just work her magic for you. 😉

The app provides options to include additional nutrition tracking and eating habit features. You can easily add them here.

Absolutely! The app has a substitution option that allows you to swap out exercises if you’re unable to perform them.

Your card will be charged automatically every 2 weeks following the trial period. It’s essential to ensure sufficient funds in your account. If you need to cancel, you can do so within the app, but do note that there’s a 2-week cancellation period.