Lifting weights makes you bulky

Lifting weights makes you bulky – Ahh this is a classic all weightlifters have heard at some point. Now let me start by saying why would we spend hours and hours in the gym if lifting weights made you bulky, that time could be put to another use! Growing muscles is actually a really long and hard process, it takes years sometimes and you wont end up looking “bulky” so don’t be afraid of lifting weight because of this reason, there are so many amazing benefits of weight lifting you end up hella strong, it feels amaze!

You can turn fat into muscle

Muscle is made up of protein and fat is made up of lipids, one can’t turn into the other. This is why many people go through stages of cutting to lose body fat and bulking to gain muscle. However this isn’t the only option, you can lose fat and gain muscle at the same time it just takes a lot longer and isn’t optimal. If this is your goal you will need to be eating at your maintenance calories and focusing on a high protein intake with a structured training plan concentrating on progressive overload.

Eating 1200 calories will make you loose fat

1200 calories is NOT enough food to fuel a grown adults body. When you eat calories as low as this or lower than your BMR (how many calories your body burns before movement) you don’t have enough energy to live everyday life and your body will start holding onto any bit of energy it can knowing it won’t be getting enough. So fat loss becomes very slow as the body is trying to hold onto any last bit of energy it can. Increase your calories to create a healthy caloric deficit and you will start seeing better results.

You can spot reduce fat

I’m v sorry to tell you but those “lower belly fat” exercises won’t get rid of your little pouch! You can’t choose where you loose the fat from and normally the area you want to lose the most is the last to go or may never go at all. This is where you really need to work on having a healthy relationship with your body and learn to love these areas as they will probably be with you for life.

Author : Rylie Lane

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