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Amplify your fitness journey by becoming your own PT

A 3 phase fitness program for women who want to learn to lift weights and dial in their nutrition, with weekly education modules to understand the why behind your protocols to get to fitness goals quicker.

Amplify your fitness journey by becoming your own PT

A 3 phase fitness program for women who want to learn to lift weights and dial in their nutrition, with weekly education modules to understand the why behind your protocols to get to fitness goals quicker.

Tell me, is this you?

  • You want to lose fat & gain muscle but people have told you you can’t have a flat tummy & grow glutes at the same time

  • You’ve started and stopped a whole lot of different fitness programs and given so many different ways of working out ago but none of them have really stuck long term

  • You’re confused with so much different information out there about food, what’s healthy, what’s not, how much you should be eating, and every time you try to improve your diet it’s too overwhelming so you give up.

  • You struggle with being consistent and creating discipline because you have no one there keeping you in check and it’s easy to just say to yourself “ahh I’ll go to the gym tomorrow instead”

  • You’ve tried multiple meals plans and diets but they all feel too restrictive and you always end up eating something you shouldn’t

  • You want to learn more about health and fitness but there is just so much information you aren’t sure where to start

Imagine if…

  • You start losing fat & gaining muscle, your dream body comes to life – yes I’m talking flat tummies, peachy booty, and an hourglass figure

  • You finally master how to lift weights and fall in love with the whole process of going to the gym that consistency is never an issue

  • You learn about the nutritional value of food and how to fuel your body in a way that works for you and you look forward to all of the food you eat every day

  • You have the perfect accountability partner that’s there for you when things get hard or you’re unsure about how to get to your next goal

  • You have the knowledge to achieve any fitness goal you’re after and get there with ease


RLF Amplify Coaching

A proven system to take women confused and lost about fitness and nutrition to smashing their goals in 12 weeks

Why Amplify? Watch this.

Why Amplify? Watch this.

“I had no idea about nutrition and was terrified of eating more than 2000 calories”

Amplify has taught me SO much about food! I am so grateful that I now have the knowledge to structure my nutrition and fitness journey around my lifestyle. I don’t get anxious around food anymore and I don’t feel guilty for treating myself and celebrating with friends and family. I understand what I am putting into my body and what each food can offer me. I have more energy and a much healthier outlook on health and fitness. I joined a gym which was a big step for me, I feel my confidence has increased so much!

– Jessica W.

“Making it a lifestyle not just a phase”

I really enjoyed Rylie’s Amplify program, the program has SO much value and so many tips and directions to really ace your goals. She designed programs and nutritional goals around realistic ideas and was always understanding that life happens and you gotta enjoy it. I saw progress in the amount I could lift, the way my clothes felt when wearing them, I had more energy and I was looking for better, more nutritious food rather than junk. Having a organized workout schedule helped me to stay on track and focused on my goals

– Madelynne C.

“I can lift so much more than I ever thought I would be able to”

I’m now a regular gym goer and really enjoy lifting heavier weights. I never would have joined a gym without the push and I have really enjoyed learning to properly progressively overload and physically I can lift so much more than I ever thought! My glutes have definitely grown, they FEEL so much fuller! I am better at sticking to nutrition now that I have an understanding of how it works and what it means to get to my goals &
no longer feel as much guilt if I go over on the weekends. Honestly, I would recommend Amplify to anyone!

– Nina G

What’s included?

  • 3 phase approach to training and education – Foundations, Apply & Progress, & Inner Work

  • Protocols to get you to your dream body, losing fat & gaining muscle

  • 12-week weightlifting program split into 3 4 week blocks each with a different focus

  • Calorie and macronutrient targets based on your personal goals

  • Weekly self-check ins so make sure you’re on track towards your goals

  • Weekly education modules so you can become your own PT & understand why they give you the results

  • Delivered in an easy to use apps

Phase 1


Learn the basics of training and nutrition as well as how to achieve both fat loss and muscle building goals so you truly understand the fundamentals of getting to your fitness goals

Phase 2

Apply & Progress

Take a deep dive into how to apply what we learned in phase 1 and truly see progress on your fitness journey now that you understand how all of the protocols affect your body and the results

Phase 3

Inner Work

Focus on your inner self and create the right mindset to propel you forward on your journey. Too often the inner work is forgotten and it is a major downfall for so many other programs

Hello, I’m Rylie

I am super passionate about sharing my knowledge around health and fitness as I feel it’s really hard to stick it out long term if you don’t understand how your food and training affect your results and why your protocols are the way they are. I truly didn’t understand this until I completed my Level 2&3 in Personal Training and Level 4 in Nutrition and I felt there was a real gap in teaching an everyday lifestyle client these basics when they don’t want to do a whole qualification. This is why I created the amplify program.

Is Amplify right for you?

This is for you if…

  • You are ready to take your fitness journey seriously and learn about what it takes to get to your goals. You are ready to lift weights in the gym, focus on improving your nutrition and commit to making yourself a priority over the next 12 weeks.

This is not for you if…

  • You are not interested in lifting weights, understanding nutrition, and willing to change bad habits. You do not want to track your food intake or struggle with disordered eating that is triggered by tracking.

Payment options:

1x payment of £475

Pay in full for 12 weeks of the training program, nutrition targets, self-check-ins, and 12 weeks of education modules.

3x payments of £159

Payments made monthly for 12 weeks of the training program, nutrition targets, self-check-ins, and 12 weeks of education modules.


This is a big price commitment, how do I know it will be worth it?2022-04-01T23:06:00+00:00

Online coaching offers way more value than personal training sessions. For the price of this course you would only be able to afford 6-10 sessions with a PT compared to this program where you have access to me 24/7 via message to ask any and all questions alongside all of the content, training program and nutrition guidance. There is so much value in this program plus you keep the content forever to refer back to.

I want to lose weight/gain muscle/have a specific body goal, will this program work?2022-04-01T23:06:15+00:00

Yes you will learn about how to achieve all fitness goals so you are able to finish this program and continue on your fitness journey using the information from this program. You will be able to focus on any specific goal you would like during the 12 weeks and this will be discussed during your consultation before you start the program.

I don’t have access to a gym, can I still follow this program?2022-04-01T23:06:27+00:00

This is a gym based program so you will need access to at least basic gym equipment with options to increase the weight quite heavily. If you have a good home gym set up with heavy free weights or a smaller gym with less machines etc. available we can make this work.

I have never tracked my calories or macros before, is that okay?2022-04-01T23:06:38+00:00

This is okay, you will learn all of the basics of nutrition and how to track through this program. A complete tracking guide is included and I am always available via message for any questions.

Is there a specific start date?2022-04-01T23:06:52+00:00

No, as this is one on one coaching you are able to start whenever you’d like. Generally clients start on a monday as it follows the weeks nicely however you will be asked when you would like to start during your consultation process

I have more questions, how can I contact you?


I have more questions, how can I contact you?

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