Imagine a diet that not only nourishes your body but also tastes incredible & has you repeatedly saying “ah thats SO good” without any food guilt.

Say good bye to boring meal plans and hello to a diet filled with delicious wholefoods and balanced eating.

You’ll have a lighter tummy, better digestion, improved energy levels, and say see ya to bloating.

  • strategic tweaks to your current meals, snacks, and meal timings to optimize your nutrition
  • recommend better quality foods, products, and brands, ensuring you get the most out of your dietary choices
  • guidance on essential nutrients that may be lacking in your diet and how to increase them
  • easy, quick, and nutrient-dense recipes that will elevate your cooking skills
  • provide you with three actionable steps to kickstart your progress and start seeing results within just one month

1:1 Coaching

Elevate your routines, rituals & habits to start LIVING your life & having boundless FUN without compromising on your health & fitness.

This is for you if you’re ready to go all in, put in the work, and want this pinnacle of transformational coaching.

You’re ready to propel towards a life of unparalleled success, you want to transform more than just your body, you want to transform every bit of your existence.

Through this coaching, you will unleash the best version of yourself, and cultivate boundless energyconfidence, and a deep sense of fulfillment to live a healthy optimal life with an unshakeable mindset.

Hourglass & Glutes Program

A 12-week training program designed to build an hourglass figure with rounded glutes & a snatched-looking waist. This is for the girl who wants to push her limits in the gym, learn to lift weights & fall back in love with her body in the process.

This is for you if:

  • You’re looking for a gym plan and guidance that’s easy to follow to increase your confidence and knowledge in the gym.
  • You’re tired of endlessly scrolling on TikTok to find another mundane workout to do.
  • You want to build a strong and healthy body that you can take pride in and rekindle your self-love.
  • You’re ready to feel more comfortable and self-assured in your own skin, wear that dress you’ve been eyeing in your closet, and have the confidence to say yes to more events and opportunities in life.

Free Resources

Consistency Codes

A conversation for the gal who is sick of being sporadic with working out & is ready to learn the codes it takes to be unquestionably consistent in her movement, nutrition & habits to feel so damn good about herself daily!

The Art of Effortless Nutrition

stop feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied with your nutrition & create a diet that works harmoniously with your goals and values while making your taste buds dance.

Protein Cheat Sheet

Do you have a high protein target that feels impossible to hit? Protein is key in both building and preserving muscle, that’s why always try to hit such high protein targets. This covers 6 areas of different food types so there is plenty of options for any dietary requirements.


Hi, my name is Rylie Lane! I am passionate about living a healthy and fit lifestyle in a sustainable and enjoyable way. I love sharing my life on my youtube channel and everything fitness on @rylielanefitness

I was always a fairly healthy person and stayed fit through doing all-star cheerleading from age 15 and loved it, the training intensities of this meant I never really needed to think about exercise outside of cheerleading, it kept me healthy and fit throughout my teenage years. When I was 21 I had to leave due to going on a 6-month traveling trip, when I returned I felt completely lost as to how to maintain my fitness. I had gained a lot of weight from traveling and had no idea how to get back to how I was. I tried out many different styles of working out, couch to 5k, going to the gym to do cardio, group fitness classes but nothing really ever stuck, I just thought I would always dread doing a workout and never enjoy it.

I felt very stuck for a long time with my fitness, I so desperately wanted to stick to a workout routine but never found a way I truly loved working out. Until.. My boyfriend took me to the gym with him a few times and I did his workouts lifting heavy weights, I loved it. I knew I needed to sign up for a gym membership asap and I signed up to a challenge to give me guidance on what to actually do in the gym. I never turned back.

During lockdown, I really wanted to further my knowledge in this area so signed up to complete my Level 2 & 3 in personal training where my passion really grew. It made me realize there is so much knowledge out there about how to be fit, live a healthy lifestyle, and achieve all your goals in a really sustainable enjoyable way so why were there so many people sharing fad diets and saying you have to do hours of cardio?!

So this is why I started Rylie Lane Fitness to show you and teach you how you can enjoy workouts, eat all the food you want, be active and healthy, and still do everything you want in life while achieving your health and fitness goals. This is not an either-or situation you can have both and I am here to coach you through that!

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